Monday, July 11, 2011


Here is an update of some fun things that have been going on this summer.

First, Sam converted a 1979 Mercedes 300TD Wagon to run on vegetable oil. It has been a great adventure convincing restaurant owners to donate their used vegetable oil. Chinese food eateries supply the cleanest vegetable oil, making it easier on the fuel filters. Yet this presents a communication barrier as I have to explain to the non-English speaking Chinese owner the why and how of giving us old oil. Then they turn around and explain  this to their hispanic employees. Its a surprise every time we go to collect oil.

 We had a lovely Memorial Day with my family. Mom made homemade fired chicken, we visited the graves of our ancestors in the Franklin Idaho Cemetery, played Masterpiece and Brian and Russell found time to make a bike jump.

The trip to Lake Powell with Sam's family was a blast. I had such a great time being a part of their family tradition. After Lake Powell Sam was off to Washington D.C. for work.

The apartment we live in has a little deck that is perfect for BBQs. We had one with Audrey and Alison while my parents were out of town. Then over the fourth of July weekend the Powells came up and we had a BBQ with my family, and Sam's family.  Ross and Jenny Menlove came and my cousin Ross who was visiting from BYU-I. Sadly I have no pictures of the family BBQ.

The Cache Valley Cruise-In was over the weekend of the Fourth. Gary had a pretty big surprise for Sam.

Sunday night of that weekend we payed games. Monday morning, the Fourth, we went to the scout breakfast. The food was marginal, but it's a fundraiser. We then went down to the high school tennis courts and played tennis with the ball machine. We decided last minute to got to the Hyrum parade and then that night we went to Lewiston for the fireworks. We played volleyball and ate chicken and corn while we waited for the fireworks show. We ended up with the best spot and the fireworks were being shot right above us.  No one would pose for a group picture.