Monday, September 24, 2012

James Update

Here are a few recent photos of James for the grandmas.

Dallas Texas

We moved to Dallas, Texas! With this move I have been commanded to update my blog more often and I will try to please.

Last week we loaded all of our stuff into a uhaul with the help of Brian, Ross and Jake. Thank goodness for there help. Mary-Jane ended up cleaning my whole house, because I woke up with a horrible stomach flu and James had an eye infection. We were miserable, but everyone was so helpful. Thank you so much to all.
While everyone was loading and cleaning my mom was finishing up our couches. Sam's parents had given us there old couches, and my mom was recovering them. She did so much work and they look great.

It was two full days of driving to get here, with all three of us in the front of the truck. It was a tight squeeze. James was a sweetheart and laughed and slept the whole time. We only had a few times where he got upset.

Sam has started his new job as the manager of YESCO Dallas, a sign service and repair company. I have almost unpacked all our boxes and the apartment is starting to become our own. James is moving all over the place and has started a new habit of screaming out. It is a happy scream, but very loud.

The Garden we had to leave behind. It got flooded. 

James and his sick eye. 

Cute James.

A lot of work to do. As we were unloading the truck it was so humid and we were so tired I said a quick little prayer telling Heavenly Father it would be great if the missionaries walked by. Five minutes later who did we see across the parking lot- the Elders! We put them to work! 

James is happy to be in Texas.