Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Happened to the Fall?

It has now been proven that I treat my blog just like my journal. After several months of writing nothing, I try to quickly remember everything that happened and quickly preserve it for posterity.  As there is too much to write I will let the pictures tell the story.

The trees were so beautiful at our house we had to get a picture. The problem was the camera was balanced on the hood of the car so it's not the greatest shot. 

The usual General Conference yoga kickball game. What a pretty place to live!

Celebrating Guy Fawkes with fish and chips

Audrey and the Utah State choirs say Benjamin Britten's War Requireum  at the Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake on Veterans Day. The music was moving.  

I got to go to Washington DC with Sam on a business trip. We felt like real grown ups. We could not stop thinking of our nephew Hudson when we saw all the trains at the Museum of American History. This is only one of the many train pictures. 

When you ask a stranger to take a picture of you it is always best to ask the guy with the most expensive looking camera get up hanging around his neck.  Although it helps if they speak English, nonetheless this picture turned out great.

Probably the highlight of the trip, worth the hours of walking to get there. 

Our flight didn't leave until 3, so we had planned to see all the memorials our last day. It turned out there was a heavy rain, and we had forgotten that once you check out of the hotel you are responsible for your luggage. Sam was so sweet and dragged our suitcases all over the Mall in the pouring rain. It you squint you can see the White House in the background of this picture. 

Yes Sam hauled our suitcases up those stairs. Once at the top the security guard told us there was an elevator. 

This is the closet we got the the Arlington Cemetery as we had already walked what seemed like ten miles and this was were the Metro station was that would take us to the airport. 

The day before Thanksgiving all my brothers and sisters were here. It was so nice to have everyone together. Sadly my mom got sick and had to be in bed during the day she had been looking forward to for months. 

We had a great game of Volleyball at the church. Alison showed us all her moves. 

We spent Thanksgiving with the Powell's in St. George. I was really bad at taking pictures so these are the two you get. It was so nice to relax with family in the warmth of the south.