Monday, February 6, 2012

Here are some pictures of the things that have been going on.

The WRE Christmas Party-we had to leave before it began.
On our way to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.
Preparing for a Christmas feast.
Beautiful Sisters

Everyone looking very red. 

The best Christmas re-gift.

The pipe smoking nutcracker that Gary gave us. 

Preparing for Sam's birthday party.

Super good home made Chinese food. Good choice Sam. 


  1. Thanks for the update - I was glad to see that no houses caught fire during the birthday celebrations. It was AWESOME!! You guys make me laugh! I miss you all!

  2. I am trying to remain calm. Quite alarming that something is caught in my neck in the red pajama picture. Good video.

  3. Whoa. That was an intense cake-blow-out-session. I love the pic of everyone all cuddly in their pjs. Konrad's hilarious suit is my favorite. I really love those pants. I wear them now whenever my Christmas pants from last year get dirty. I love you Erin..Please more pics of that baby-bump. There aren't any featured here. Do one making a heart with your hands over your belly. Please!!!

  4. LOVE the post!! Especially the cake....and I'm happy to report my Christmas pjs are ALSO getting good use. Mmmm....hold on the baby bump pics....if you're gonna take one, send it privately to MJ. Please!! hee hee.....Diane....I NEVER noticed....UNTIL I read your comment....and then I laughed out loud....because you REALLY DID catch that thing that was flying around like the girls told me!!! Way to go!!!

  5. So fun to see pictures of you guys. I can't believe we will have missed your entire pregnancy, so we would also love to see some belly pictures! It looks like you are enjoying life. Keep at it, we love ya!

  6. oh erin this is hilarious! i just wish i could have been there laughing along with you! Cause i'm sitting here at work laughing really hard, and people think i'm crazy. Its ok, let them think it cause i love it! The ramblings of sadie....