Monday, November 19, 2012

An Unexpected Day in Plano

The check engine light of our Subaru blinked on last Thursday. My own response to this is to keep driving as usual and hope that the light will eventually go off.  Sam had a more responsible approach. On our way to have the car looked at we started to smell something burning, and then saw smoke coming out of our hood.  Good thing we were on our way to get it fixed. We were given a loaner car to drive for the day, a 2012 Subaru Outback. We felt super cool driving around in a new car, although it was green, which is a shameful color for a car.

We spent the day in Plano, where the dealership is, waiting for the car to be done. We had fun going to stores and make James try on cute little hats. At 3:30 we received a call informing us that the Subaru would not be done until Monday- so we got to have the new car for the rest of the weekend. Super fun.  Sam is going to be sad to have to give it back today. 

I love these little white jeans. 


  1. Oh that James is a REAL CUTE little boy Erin!! And I love love LOVE that car behind Sam. No doubt he'll be having withdrawals on the way back with your Subaru today.

  2. agreed on the green being a shameful color of car :)
    those pants are cute!! James is so handsome!