Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

I was so excited for Halloween this year, as it gives me an excuse to do one of my favorite things- dress up! Sam learned early on in our courtship that his Halloween celebrations would never be the same. Lately Sam and I have been watching all the episodes of Poirot. It is a masterpiece theater dramatization of Agatha Christie's famous Belgium detective Poirot. So it seemed natural that this would be the inspiration for our costumes. Sam was Poirot and I was Miss Marple (another of Agatha Christie's sleuths).

We ate our Halloween dinner of macaroni and cheese and dead man's meat loaf, handed out candy to the ten kids that knocked on our door, and watched my favorite Halloween movie- The Ghost and Mister Chicken. With my make-up I was going for old-but when I asked one of the tricker treaters what I was, he responded,  "A Zombie Mom!" (some days I don't have to dress up for that one).

The joy of having two Grandmas is having two costumes for Halloween. James was so tired we had just enough time to dress him in each and put him to bed.

When we were waiting for James to arrive, we had not picked out a name, so the nick name Baby P developed (short for baby Powell). So one of his costumes he was Baby Pea.

His second costume, obviously a gift from his Grandma Powell, was just as adorable. 


  1. LOVE IT!!!! You didn't mention that you MADE Sam's vest. Awesome. I don't see the zombie :)

  2. Loved the costumes - I am a huge Agatha Christie fan. Baby James wins the prize for most adorable! Also loved the deadman's meatloaf.

  3. Costumes are awesome you guys!

  4. The Ghost and Mister Chicken = BEST MOVIE EVER. Your pics are adorbs.