Monday, October 22, 2012

A Blue Ribbon Visit

This past week my mom and Alison came to visit us. It was so fun to have them here. We ate a lot of good food, did a lot of shopping and went to the famous Texas State Fair.

Of course we took time to make bread and with every batch of bread you have to make a few pluskis (fired bread). They were super yummy. You can also see my super groovy highchair that arrived last week. It folds up super small and is easy to set up. Happy with the purchase. 

Before arriving my mother had found that there was a Talbots outlet only ten minutes from my house. As we entered the store we had to take a minute to catch our breath as we realized that everything on the store was on sale for $17 dollars or less! If any one knows me, I love finding a deal. Alison was a little embarrassed as my mom and I shouted across the store the great deals we were finding. But in our defense, there were many other women around us in a price induced frenzy. James got tired under the weight of our many finds. 

The following day we went to the Grapevine Mills Mall. This mall is not for the faint hearted. There are more than 100 stores, and it also includes an ice rink, a Legoland, and an aquarium.  If my father-in-law is reading this-his worst nightmare.  We had a blast and again poor James was exhausted. 

On Saturday we took the train to the Texas State Fair. Sam was so excited to see the famous Big Tex, the giant mechanical statue that has been welcoming fair goes for 60 years with a big, "Howdy." Sadly the day before we went he caught fire and burned down. We were laughing as we saw fair patrons paying tribute to Tex, with T-shirts, photos, and even a corn dog bouquet.  The fair proved that everything in Texas is bigger and better. There was an entire room dedicated to fried foods- fried bacon cinnamon rolls, fried banana pudding, fried waffle battered chicken on a sick, potatoes fried in every way imaginable, fried alligator (yeah), fried red velvet cake, the list goes on and on. So to all, if you are going to come visit us come while the fair is going, to not only get a very Texas experience but a stomach ache.  

Now for the food that we enjoyed, in order from the worst to the best!

8. Corn on the Cob ( I have had Gary's (Sam's Dad) fresh corn, so never will I enjoy corn any where else)

7. Belgium Waffle (Cold)  It is proven that eating to much fried food causes your eyes to cross. 

6. Chicken Sandwich ( We ordered a hamburger- so?)

5. Twisted Tators

4. Mini Corn Dogs

3. Chicken Fingers and Battered Fries with Gravy ( need I say more)

2. Fried Banana Pudding (way good!)

And the Blue Ribbon goes to:  1.Chicken and Waffles on a stick! 

The Fair was full of exhibits, shops and thrill rides. We were shopped out and mixing rides with our latest meal would have been fatal. So we went to the cars shows. They had several, but by a miracle one of the exhibits that day was the MG club of Dallas. Even in Texas we can find a little bit of Britain. 

This one is for my brother-in-law, sorry Ross, I spent all my tokens on food. 

Of course you can not attend the Texas State fair without finding the pride of Texas- the prize Texas Longhorn Bull. 

All the fun at the fair wore us out, but we are excited for next year. James was loving the ride home on the train. 

Sunday was Stake Conference and I wanted to get a nice picture of everyone together, but James is the only one that would pose for me. 

James was sad to wake up and have to say goodbye to Grandma Lee and Alison.


  1. OH! Super good blog. I'm already planning a return trip. Love you.

  2. It looks like you had Texas sized fun! I'm thinking we should plan a trip, with all the shopping to be done perhaps it should just be for the womenfolk. James is getting so big, what a cutie.

  3. Maybe we can come visit you for the state fair next year. I love me some fried food!!!