Monday, October 15, 2012

Garage Sale

Earlier this week I saw a little sign on our street advertising a Garage Sale, and with the hope of finding a bed frame, I suggested to Sam that we check it out. We were in desperate need of a frame for our guest bed, as for the last four weeks it has been on the ground in James' room. As we drove up to the sale oo Saturday morning there was a funky old wood frame that just happened to be a full! We talked the lady down, and bought it. Luckily it was close to out apartment, because Sam had to carry the head and foot boards as they did not fit in our car.

The before: crowded and sloppy.

The after: roomy and bright.

James loves it.

An Aldi just opened a few miles from our apartment and it is my new favorite store. The prices are shocking!
I was so excited about my purchases, I had to take a picture. All this for $15.

James is really starting to move. He isn't crawling yet, but between his rolling and pivot skills he can get any where he wants. His new favorite thing is to roll over while you are changing him, makes things difficult. James has also started eating cereal, and he eats really well if dad can entertain him enough so mom can slip the spoon in. 


  1. I so wish I was coming this weekend with your Mom and Alison!! He's growing up way too fast....and you ARE your mother's daughter!! Love that you're finding gems at the garage sales. Keep the posts coming!!

  2. 1. You have a blog. And I found it. And you are awesome.
    2. I love that bed frame.
    3. James is adorable. Good work.

    Love you !!!

  3. Erin, I love all the pictures SO MUCH. It was fun to Skype the other day! Hope you are having fun with your mom and sister.

  4. He is so cute and getting so big! Miss you guys!!!