Monday, October 8, 2012

In Tune Husband

The past week James refuses to sleep any other way...

Friday night I made a special dinner for Sam, to celebrate a good hard week of work finished. I made pizza and tried out my pizza stone for the first time, it turned out really good. I still need to perfect the crust, but it is getting there. When I set the table I was longing for fresh flowers, so I put out a vase in hopes that my imagination would satisfy. Then the most lovely thing happened, Sam came home with a bouquet of flowers! Good husband.  

James is now fitting into his 9 month clothes.


  1. ok that has to be the cutest outfit on the cutest boy ever!

    1. Sadie! you are so sweet. You are getting so close!

  2. LOVE the look James is giving you!! THIS is going on my Wall of Greats!! Thanks for posting....and thank Sam for being the perfect nephew-in-law....I do not worry for a second having my niece living so far from home!!!! Love you guys....Auntie C.

  3. yeah, good husband. Good baby too. That little face makes me smile so much.

  4. Add a little black nose and he could be a polar bear for Halloween - okay I know it's not really scary but he is so cute he would get lots of candy ! Love you guys!

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  6. Don't know what happened.
    but I'm obsessed with your blog. I read the post about only have sweets on Sunday out loud and Spencer said we will start doing that too. James is so handsome! I love him! miss you guys