Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Treats

Sam and I have taken the challenge, along with my mom, to only have treats on Sunday. We have done it for two weeks and feel great. To get through the week we plan the most outrageous treats for Sunday. This week we made a giant chocolate cake with  whipped cream and toffee. It was super good!

The sadly thing is left overs are useless as Monday forbids there eating. So we gave one half of our cake to the neighbors and the other to the missionaries. Our neighbor, Jennifer, was so surprised and said that no one had ever done something like that. In Utah goodies at your door is a regular, here it's a novelty. 

I have been running each morning with James. There are trails every where in Flower Mound through beautiful wooded areas along streams and ponds and it is quite delightful. James loves the time in the stroller. Today we passed a pond where a mama turtle and a baby turtle were sitting on a log soaking up the sun together. It was really sweet. 

We went to a festival in Lewisville this weekend called the Western Days Festival. There were tons of vendors, a car show, live bands playing, food booths, but no people. We felt really weird as we walked through a ghost town festival. The rain must have scared everyone away.  After the no show festival, we met up with the Peets, family friends of the Powell's, who have also recently moved to Dallas. We had a very nice lunch with them.

James' hair is long enough to comb now and I think he always looks so handsome after a bath.

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